Mary King's Close

No Ghosts but a lot of history

You are afraid of Ghosts but you want to explore Edinburgh’s Underground? Then I have a suggestion for you, to see Edinburgh’s dark side as well.

Once, in 16th century, Mary King’s Close (a small alley leading off the Royal Mile) and its surroundings have been one of the busiest parts of Edinburgh. Hundreds of people lived there. But it was as you see it today. It was several levels below the Mary King’s Close we know today. So why has it changed in 400 years? You can find out in a one hour guided tour. Visit that forgotten place, see how the people lived 400 years ago. You will learn somethingabout their life and their battle against the plague. “The Real Mary King’s Close” is like a museum, but 3 levels below the ground. But be aware, it’s not that there are no Ghosts. There are a lot of unexplained happenings in Mary King’s Close as well.